Inferno Games
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Inferno Games by Elise Knight

When you are dead, the f*ckers should leave you alone! For ten years I've been my younger sister's only guardian since a horrific car crash left our parents dead and the pair of us traumatized. I've done everything to keep her happy and safe, but I couldn't keep her safe from billionaire playboy Felix Barclay. When I find her lifeless body with a note addressed to me, framing Felix as the reason she killed herself, I vow revenge. However one wrong move and I'm dead too. I'm lost in Hell and my sister is nowhere to be found. There's no way out of Hell, not unless you compete in the Inferno Games, a deadly, treacherous event where survival isn't guaranteed and you'll be lucky to come out with your soul and your sanity intact. What I haven't counted on are the other competitors who will stop at nothing to win. The billionaire asshole who put my sister here, the insanely magnetic Remy Bradford and the dangerously dark Dade Angelis who will stop at nothing to secure his place in the next round of the games, no matter what it takes. Not to mention the myriad of demons that inhabit hell, all of which enjoy seeing me hurt. Blood will spill and souls will be taken. I only hope that mine won’t be among them. Inferno Games is book one in a series that will follow the circles of Hell: Purgatory, Lust, Gluttony (Insatiable), Avarice, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, Treachery and finally, the ninth circle where Satan himself is waiting to collect your soul. The book contains dark themes, violence, loss and scenes of an adult nature. See my website for more information at

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