Inappropriate Thoughts
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Inappropriate Thoughts by Ian Dalton

Explore your own inappropriate thoughts in this best-selling hilarious and sexy romantic comedy. You'll fall in love with Jillian and Brian as they navigate their forbidden attraction in this laugh-out-loud funny and sexy story. After a devastating divorce and string of horrific dates, best-selling romance novelist Jillian Grayson is creatively blocked and just done. Done with writing, done with men, done with all of it... Suffering from a recent heartbreak of his own, tennis athlete and college senior Brian Nash, is Jillian's son's best friend. During a spring break trip to the Graysons, he meets the beautiful and tennis passionate Jillian, and their shared interest quickly develops into an intense mutual attraction. After nearly giving in to their feelings, they hatch a plan, while under the influence (of something more than just the perfect Miami night), to be Friends with Partial Benefits, complete with rules to define the boundaries. Will the lonely pair continue with this distinctive relationship, actually explore their desires, or discover all of it is a really bad idea? Get ready to escape to sultry Miami with a sexy, laugh-out-loud erotic romantic comedy complete with skinny dipping, inadvertent voyeurism, meddling friends, hilarious banter, more steam than a sweltering south Florida summer day, and a cast of characters you will immediately want to join in the rest of the series. Inappropriate Thoughts is an expanded version of Luke Young's Friends with Partial Benefits. It is approximately ten percent longer and contains expanded and more explicit scenes. Tropes: Forbidden love Age gap Second chance romance Slow burn
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