In Too Deep: A Mafia Romance (The Castell Brothers Book 1)
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The Virgin and the Gangster.

After taking care of her father, three weeks in Ibiza with her friends sounds perfect for Elsa.
Enter Spanish dark, dangerous stranger for a holiday romance. Sounds perfect, right?
Well, nothing is perfect…

The more she gets to know nightclub owner Xander, the more she realises there’s more to him than meets the eye and there are secrets he wants to keep hidden. So why can’t she stay away from him?
His alpha possessiveness and aura of danger causes her to fall for him hard and fast, not realising how much her life is going to change if she wants him in it.
Will Xander’s secrets end up putting her life in danger? If Xander comes clean with the truth, will it lead to heartbreak for the both of them?

In Too Deep is a British dark contemporary romance in the Castell Brothers series. If you like Alpha males and fun female leads, you will love Izzy Williams’ Mafia romance.

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