In Broad Strokes (The Unwedding Vow Book 1)
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Straitlaced, painfully shy college student Tyler Wilson has finally done his first bold thing—model for a compromising piece of art for the outspoken and impulsive artist Chase Zalinski. He sits through the embarrassing portrait, hoping the bravery he miraculously conjured up to answer the ad will soak into him and he’ll finally find the courage to ask out the beautiful woman on the other side of the canvas.

But his hope of scoring a date with Chase turns to absolute horror when his nude painting is accidentally shipped to the other side of the country, where it awaits exhibition in a national competition.

The pair of broke college students have three days, 2,000 miles, and one road trip to try to prevent the most mortifying moment of Tyler's life. Or he, like his painting, is about to be exposed in a big, big way…

Book one in The Unwedding Vow:
Having just attended a wedding with the queen of all bridezillas, the ten unmarried members of wedding reception table nine have taken an oath. They will never, ever get married. Can this collection of oddball personalities keep their promise to be single? Or will love pick off each member of The Unwedding Vow?
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