Immortal Dragons Starter Set
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Embark on a thrilling journey with the "Immortal Dragons" starter set by USA Today Bestselling paranormal romance author Ophelia Bell, featuring the first three books of the 9-book series. In this set you'll meet the six siblings of the elusive Dragon Council, each entwined with destiny and burdened with the echoes of their pasts. The saga begins with Belah, an immortal blue dragon tormented by her destructive love for the vicious military commander, Nikhil. Their passion dances on the edge of domination and submission, igniting a chain of events that forever alters their world. In each book, Fate weaves the paths of each dragon sibling and their mates. Among them are Lukas and Iszak, the musically talented brothers who each carry baggage that intertwines dangerously with Belah's past. Evie, a Turul princess who's stopped waiting for true love and dares to take destiny into her own hands. Marcus, a human swept away by powers beyond his comprehension. And Ked, once a dark and brooding god whose longing for love compels him to expand his ideas of what love means for an immortal dragon like him. Experience the world of the Dragon Council, where Fate's call echoes louder than their own wills. Love, power, and destiny interweave in this compelling saga, as each dragon races against time to find their mates amidst a world teetering on the brink of drastic change. Delve into this enchanting universe and lose yourself in the power of their stories. Books include in the collection: Dragon Betrayed (Prequel, not available anywhere else!) Dragon Blues (Book 1) Dragon Void (Book 2) Immortal Dragons Starter Set is the first three books in an epic adventure about immortal dragon shifters on a quest to find their fated mates. It's a steamy menage and reverse harem story with an epic payoff, perfect for fans of Terry Bolryder, Charlene Hartnady, Zoe Chant, Milly Taiden, or Roxie Ray.
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