I Want to Know What Love Is: a College Football Romance (St. Paul U Players Book 1)
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They say trouble comes in threes. I've taken two shots to the gut today and it's only noon.
But trouble #3 is the killer. Her name is Amanda Lake. Coach Lake. My world ender.
And the one woman on campus who's untouchable.

The trouble is that she’s not my only trouble. The Dean's squeezing me to improve my GPA or I'm kicked off the football team.
As it turns out the forbidden coach is the one who can save me. She's assigned to be my tutor.

And I’m f*cked because now she's like the forbidden strawberry shortcake tempting me from the other side of the bakery window as I walk by every day. 
If I eat it, it will kill me.

If I touch her, it'll kill my shot at the NFL… 
but I can’t keep my hands off her.
Can’t keep my heart out of trouble.
Can’t unknow the answer to the question of what love is…

I Want to Know What Love Is answers the question in gorgeous painful angsty detail. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions and enjoy the ride. This steamy slow burn college sports romance is a stand-alone story in the world of St. Paul University. The St. Paul U Players is a spinoff series of the Big Men on Campus and you'll see some of those same characters pop in. (Warning: Language and sex for a mature audience.)

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