I Choose You

I Choose You by Weston Parker

The ugly duckling from my high school is back in my life and she’s all I can think about. Unfortunately, she’s off limits. Work rules. Tell that to my naughty thoughts and constant raging desires. When my dad decides he’s getting married, I need a date for the event. She’s the only one I’d want on my arm, in my bed, my lap… you get the picture. The issue is my twin brother and I used to bully this girl. He’s gonna give me so much grief over falling for her now. And maybe he’s right to. Maybe she’s not after love, but revenge. No. There’s no way she’s that brilliant, is she? Would it matter if she were? No. I’m lost to her now. I deserve whatever she’s up to. She might not have been the one back then, but there’s no one else I want now. No matter what, I chose her. Whether she chooses me or not. Every good girl deserves a bad boy. ~ Weston
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