Hunter: A Gay M/M Romantic Suspense
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Their assignment is to catch a serial killer. Unfortunately, that also means they have to work together.

Determined to save his career after an involuntary relocation to the Boston field office, FBI profiler Luis Gomes can’t afford any distractions. His newest task is to develop an analysis of a serial killer with connections to previous murders in the area, but Luis knows little of the city’s criminal history. When the local detective assigned as his liaison turns out to be Donovan, his ex-boyfriend from college, it threatens to throw the case off-course.

Luis can’t ask to be reassigned without losing his best shot at a comeback. He’s on shaky ground as it is. He also can’t forgive Donovan for casually dumping him at graduation. But a brush with death—and with those beyond the grave—convinces him he’ll need all the support he can get, even if it means Donovan finds a way back into his heart…

Massachusetts State Police detective Donovan Carey has been closeted for as long as he’s been gay. It’s the price he pays to stay in the good graces of his extended family. His brief time being open with Luis was never going to last. Now they’re going to have to leave their messy breakup behind them and work together—despite the lingering spark between them that refuses to die.

The murderer has no intention of making things easy for them, however. With their relationship in the balance, Donovan and Luis must race to find the clues in past crimes before the killer claims more victims in the present.

Hunter is a gay romantic thriller with supernatural elements and a HEA
Gay pulp fiction or homosexual pulps refers to published works, chiefly fiction, that comprise references to male homosexuality, especially male homosexual sex, and finely produced, commonly in paperback publications made from wood pulp paper; lesbian pulp fiction is comparable work about girls. LGBT topics in Hindu Epics involve Hindu divinities or characters whose characteristics or behavior can be translated as lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or gender change and non-heterosexual sexuality. We all deserve to see that our lived experiences are reflected from the pages of a great publication. And like the rest of the literary canon, LGBTQ novels arrive in all genres.

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