How To Protect A Princess
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How To Protect A Princess by Cynthia Eden

She’s royalty. He’s the wrong guy. But he’s the only one who can keep her safe. Get ready for a red-hot new romance from New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Eden. How do you protect a princess? Step one: Do the job. Make her the priority. Constantine Leos can’t believe his new assignment. He’s supposed to protect a princess. An actual, no BS royal princess. Sure, she spent her whole life in the US, and she’s only just discovered that she’s royalty, but, still…this isn’t his typical type of case. He’s used to bad guys who fight dirty and hard. He’s not prepared for…her. A gorgeous princess with dark eyes, lush lips, and a deceptive delicacy that makes him want to take on the world in order to protect her. Step two: Stay close to the client. Intimately close. Seemingly overnight, Juliet Laurent went from being a nobody to being the lost princess who now has her face splashed across social media. The new fame comes with danger because someone seems intent on making sure that Juliet never gets to wear her promised crown. She’s scared and desperate, and Juliet doesn’t know who to trust in this crazy royal life… Enter the new bodyguard. Big, buff, and dangerous. A man who isn’t scared of anything. Just the man she needs. A man she desperately wants. Constantine promises to protect her from every threat. His job is to stand between her and danger. With him, Juliet feels safe. And with him, Juliet also feels the stirring of a fierce desire that catches her by surprise. How can she want a stranger so much, so desperately? But when the threats continue and Constantine shields her again and again, her feelings for him just grow stronger. Forced into close proximity, the attraction rages past her control and his… Step three: Protect the princess. Don’t fall for her. Constantine knows a guy like him won’t ever get a happy ending, but he will do whatever it takes to make sure that Juliet stays safe. Because Juliet doesn’t need a Prince Charming. She needs a bodyguard who will eliminate every threat and who will destroy anyone who tries to hurt her. In other words, this princess needs the big, bad wolf. Luckily, Constantine has always excelled at being bad. Ready for a fun, hot romance with a touch of danger? HOW TO PROTECT A PRINCESS has a guaranteed happy ending and no cliff-hangers.
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