Hotel Lamia, Where Vampires Sleep
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Hotel Lamia—experience the charm of New Orleans…as well as its bite. For years, vampire Kovac has run Hotel Lamia with his snarky best friend April. Vampire guests get a good meal from the sleeping human guests, who then get the novelty of staying in a “haunted hotel.” And any scary sightings can be explained away by the building’s spooky reputation. For a vampire, this should be the life! Yet Kovac desperately wants someone to share his eternal life with, but he’d never curse someone else with this kind of existence. He resigns himself to be alone. Then, in walks human guest Nicole, and they both feel a connection. How can Kovac keep from falling deeply in love with Nicole, knowing that he can’t be with her fully without breaking his moral code? Meanwhile, Nicole wonders why the handsome, kind guy (who seems to only work nights) is pulling away from her. And Nicole has some big secrets of her own. Secrets that drove her to drop everything in her life and show up in New Orleans without much of a plan. Can Kovac and Nicole open up to one another and bridge the gap that the curse of vampirism has put between them? And what will happen when Nicole’s past walks through the door, stirring things up for Nicole, Kovac, and April? Buy your copy to dive into this twisty paranormal romance where love is cursed… or is it?
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