Hoping to Score: A Second Chance Secret Baby Romance (Heart of Hope)
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Women fall in love with me for two reasons: 

My money and my celebrity status. 


So when Regan showed up at my doorstep with a child next to her, I thought I was in trouble.


Deep, deep trouble. 


Let’s be clear. 


That baby isn’t hers. 

The mother? Her deceased sister. 

The father? Well, me. 


And who am I? 

I’m the injured football star who is unable to play the Superbowl. 

Apparently, I’m also a new father. 


Regan thought that I would throw money at her and turn them away. 

But now, I want more than just my kid. 

I also want his aunt – Regan herself. 

She can’t hide the fact that she wants me too. 

Our connection is so fiery, it could destroy our fragile worlds. 


But actions have consequences and mine is staring me in the face. 

Another baby. 

Another secret. 


My only requirement from a woman after finding out that my own kid had been hidden from me… is honesty. 


Turns out, history has repeated itself and honesty is the only thing that Regan wouldn’t give me….


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