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When it’s the virgin who has to seduce the playboy, there’s no telling how the night will end.

He’s the hockey superstar. She’s the studious nerd.

Liam Macintosh is at the height of his NHL career. But a reckless night put it all, along with the Stanley Cup, at risk.

Evangelina Sanchez is a brilliant and determined healer. When Liam faces a career-threatening injury, she’ll do everything in her power to rebuild his body.

He can never repay her dedication and friendship through the toughest challenge of his career. Or, maybe he can.

Because suddenly, he has something she wants. Something she never wanted before. Recognizing her growing attachment to Liam, Evangelina is ready to pursue physical intimacy.

Unfortunately, Liam isn’t sure he’s the right man for the perfect woman.

Will her virginity and his hesitation get in the way of their undeniable chemistry? And when their lives are forced apart by time and circumstance, can passionate seduction transform into true love?

This standalone book is part of the Cincinnati Thrashers: Sports Romance Series featuring contemporary romances with a diverse cast of hockey heartthrobs and the brilliant, audacious women they fall in love with. For readers 18+.

Content Warning: descriptions of violence, explicit scenes, and superfluous references to 90's action movies

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