Holiday Heat Series
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Holiday Heat Series by Lacey Cross

5 Kinky Holiday Stories. A couple finds each other in their dreams, but can it be love? Magic isn't real... Noelle and Nick live a continent apart but on the holidays they keep falling asleep and visiting a dream world where they have two hours to do whatever they want to each other. What starts out as two strangers enjoying each other’s bodies turns into a journey of domination, sharing, freeuse, and exhibitionism. They explore newfound kinks together and the thrills drive a deep connection, but dreams aren’t real… right? Suspend your sense of reality and enjoy the fantasy in this fun and flirty series set around the holidays. Includes: Playing in a Winter Wonderland Playing in a Lovers’ Paradise Playing in the Shamrock Bar Playing at the Egg Hunt Playing for Keeps Plus a bonus erotic short for the bundle Note: This story is dual point of view with Lacey Cross writing Noelle and Alec Lake writing Nick. Enjoy the experience of two distinct voices telling the story while both authors bring their own writing style and creativity to give the characters life. These short stories contains explicit encounters between consenting adults and features elements of BDSM, degradation, freeuse, spanking, sharing, and combines fantasy with real life. Reader discretion advised. And let's be real here, it's just a bunch of sexy fun.
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