His Obsession Next Door (In the Line of Duty Book 1)
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"I LOVED this story. OMG this hero was all that and then some. I definitely RECOMMEND the book. I enjoyed every page!!" 5 star, Gatorfan, Amazon.

He left to fight beside my brother, only to come back alone.

He’s different now.


A beautifully scarred soul.

It does nothing to extinguish the heat between us.

I want him. He wants me.

Except he’s taken on the role of my protector.

I’m not having any of that. Not when I’m the only woman who can soothe the savage beast inside him.

Each book in the Line of Duty Series can be read as a Standalone.

His Obsession Next Door

His Trouble in Tallulah

His Taste of Temptation

His Moment to Steal

is Best Friend's Girl

His Reason to Stay

His Strings to Pull (Novella)

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