His For the Summer
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His For the Summer by Ezra Dao

A bear, an air horn, and a night in a very small tent change everything. Aiden I'm so not into Jay. He's afraid of nature, he's a failure as a camp counselor and, well, he's a guy. And I'm straight. So why can't I stop fixating on his stunning face and delectable lips? Lips that make me think about things I shouldn't be thinking about my co-counselor. But when a bear shows up, it's Jay's anxiety that saves us, and I can't fight the urge to thank him - intimately. When I realize he's gay, my fixation becomes more intense. Can I admit I'm drawn to him before it's too late? Jay I’m so not into Aiden. He’s cocky, and full of himself, and keeps lecturing me about how great camp is. Plus, he’s straight. Or… I think he’s straight? The spooning makes it a bit confusing. Also, there’s the kissing, and the other things.
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