Highlander’s Protector
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Highlander’s Protector by Mariah Stone

Forbidden love, unstoppable passion, and more than one daring rescue... This is a standalone and can be read independenlty form other books in the series. Three years in medieval Scotland has been more than enough for accidental time traveler David Wakeley. He wants nothing to do with chivalry and valor, but rescuing a Highland princess may be his ticket back to the twenty-first century. Kidnapped and thrown into a dungeon, Anna MacDonald thinks she’s been left to die. Until a handsome stranger saves her. Pursued by her father’s enemies, David and Robert the Bruce’s virgin daughter race to make it to her arranged wedding on time. But when passion drives them into each other’s arms, their love could alter the course of history. He’s trapped in the past. She’s trapped in a dungeon. Can they escape their bounds to fight for a forbidden love?
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