High House Draconis
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High House Draconis by Riley Storm

Big wings. Big Muscles. Big di-esigns on the women of Plymouth Falls. Welcome to High House Draconis. Home of fearsome dragons burning with the need to find their mates. For a century they have slept, but no longer. They are needed once more. A darkness has returned to the world, one not seen in millennia, and if the dragons hope to stop their ancient enemy, they won’t be able to do it alone. They’re going to need help from some of the sassiest and smartest women in Plymouth Falls. Because the only thing stronger than a dragon’s biceps, is his sheer, stubborn will to protect his mate. This five book series starts with a Fire Dragon’s Bride and the reawakening of the first dragon, and culminates with the explosive Claimed by the Dragon King and an ending you’ll have to read to believe! Come along for some fierce love, hot tension and all the shirt-tearing, ab-rippling muscly goodness you crave. When it ends you’ll be begging for more! Contained in this box set are: Fire Dragons Bride Mated to the Water Dragon Ice Dragon’s Caress Earth Dragon’s Kiss Claimed by the Dragon King
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