Hiding From The Sheriff (A Southern Kind of Love Book 1)
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Cameron Dempsey is known for his strict code of honor. The law is black and white, and he’s there to enforce it. But his peaceful life in Georgia changes with one request from his old friend: bail Addie Johnson out of jail. It’s a simple request, although unexpected. He remembers her as a cute kid with glasses and her nose stuck in a book. And he was overprotective of her that one summer. The memory of knocking out the front teeth of the football player who said something inappropriate about her still brings him a dark pleasure. But that’s not who’s waiting for him on the other side of the bars. The woman sitting there is gorgeous. And fake. And she’s hiding something. Addie Johnson knew she might end up in jail one day. Not for her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend’s mistake, but for her own secrets. She’s put a lot of people away over the past few years as a hacker. And that’s why she has an alias. Rarely did a man look twice at her because they thought she was a computer genius with a secret life. But Cameron remembers her as she was before, and he’s not buying her act. He’s the only person that makes her want to risk exposure to prove herself. To help him crack his case. To finally hope he notices and likes her…the real Addie.
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