Hidden Desires
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Hidden Desires by Skye Black

Find out why readers call Skye Black's Books "spicy, heartbreaking and sexy." Skye Black’s newest series features dangerous morally gray men, badass females, dark spicy romance and forbidden love. Join those who are raving about these dark and dangerous books on Booktok! The Manor, a luxury sex club hidden in the mountains for optimal privacy. The perfect location for my members looking to explore themselves and push their limits. My name is Gem and I run the club with my harem of seven men. Sex used to be a male dominated industry, but not any longer. It was hard work but I am proud to say my club's membership is expensive and highly sought after. The path to opening the door was a difficult one, but for the first time in my life I feel like I am where I want to be. Everyone has a past, but when you step through the doors the only thing that matters is the moment. Sexual desire is not something to be ashamed of but explored. Join Gem as she struggles to handle her tragic past and discovers her inner hidden desires, while healing her destroyed heart. **Trigger warning: This is a dark romance containing explicit sexual scenes, reverse harem dynamic, BDSM relationships and FFM scenes.
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