Hey Felicia
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Hey Felicia by Hank Dolworth

My name is Felicia, and I’ve become a slut. But I’m in love with my older boyfriend, Craig. After a wild week-long marathon of sex, I can’t stop thinking about all the partner-swapping fun we had! I mean, seriously, it was like a never-ending roller coaster of pleasure. The energy in the room was electric, and it’s been a struggle to keep my hands to myself during our drive home. We have to make it home, though. We have to return to our lives and responsibilities. Craig wants to get married, and I want to be his wife. But I’m sitting beside him with a devilish grin because I know I’m a slut. The mind-blowing, passion-filed adventure has left me craving more! Knowing how slutty I am, will Craig sill want to marry me? Oh, I hope Craig’s down with continuing our filthy fun!
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