Her Unexpected Cowboy
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Her Unexpected Cowboy by Danae Little

A cowboy without a memory, a goat rancher in desperate need of help, and neither expect the dangers that follow… Sydney hides out at her goat ranch, unwilling to ask for the help she desperately needs. She clings to her loneliness as a badge, that is until a cowboy who strangely matches her crazy birthday wish shows up at her door. She is half-scared, half-intrigued by this handsome but bruised up cowboy with no memory. Does she allow him to stay in her barn and help, or send him on his way and hope he listens? Jameson wakes up on the side of a country road in the middle of nowhere hurting pretty much everywhere and having no idea of who he is or why he is there. When he walks to the nearest house, he’s both relieved and fearful that a beautiful single woman answers his call for help. He has to find out who he is, but Sydney has captured his heart and he makes excuses to stay near her, helping at her ranch. A nagging feeling like time closing in keeps tugging at him, until the Sheriff pays Sydney a call and Jameson recognizes his voice—a voice that causes a chill to run down his spine. When the past catches up in a web of danger, they realize there is more at stake than just their hearts—their lives hang on the thread of his lost memory. Read Book One of the Unforgettable Cowboys, a clean and wholesome romance series with a touch of suspense, where the stories are stand alone but the characters are tied together. Reviewers Say: ★★★★★ “I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting a quick read with a mysterious story line. Such life-like characters that jump off the pages.” ~ Jennifer ★★★★★ “The sparks start at the beginning but they are “real” in feeling things out and not jumping into the sex scenes. This story not only had me rooting for the home team but made me laugh out loud a few times which I covet in a book.” ~ LadyLLL007 ★★★★★ “This book was a great mix of action and emotion. I couldn't help but turn the pages on and on, reading with the hope that he'll get his memory back. He knows something is going on, but not what. And falling for Syd has him stuck on whether she'd be safer if he stayed or left to protect her.” ~ Michelle ★★★★★ “Danae Little has the magic touch of a Masterful Creator, story well told, well written, holds your interest, and keeps the pages turning.” ~ Peggy Books in Unforgettable Cowboys: Her Unexpected Cowboy Her Dream Cowboy Her Wounded Cowboy Her Steadfast Cowboy Her Famous Cowboy Her Guardian Cowboy Her Constant Cowboy: Christmas Special
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