Her Scottish Wolf (Scottish Wolves Book 1)
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A Worst Bosshole Ever Scottish Romance

“By the end of this book, I was eyeing flights to Scotland.”

--5 Star Review

My Scottish billionaire boss is arrogant, secretive, demanding, and far too insanely hot for me, his meek assistant, to actually look in the eye. But somehow, I manage to put up with the boss from hell...until I get a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Totally valid reason to quit, right?

Not for my cruel devil of a boss.

You will not believe his response to my resignation...or the secret he's been hiding all along!

This book features:

  • knots and kilts ��️��️��️
  • a secret work crush
  • a meek and mousy assistant makeover
  • lots of Scottish accent, and….
  • an unfairly hot bosshole who will not allow you to quit. Ever.

WARNING: do not buy this book if you're not ready for a REAL Scottish alpha wolf who will have you cursing him one moment and saying, "Aye, Iain!" the next.

This hot romance has so much heart, it just might inspire you to hop on the next flight to Scotland and start searching for your very own "wolf in a kilt."

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