Her Quarantined Cowboy: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (A West Brothers Romance Book 1)

Her too-small dress and his too-big truck clash from the start.

As far as Doctor Kat Tate is concerned, calling Gunnar West an arrogant caveman is an insult to Neanderthals. New in town, she was looking forward to a night off and maybe a little romance. But her date's giant truck and cowboy ways are a little too much local flavor. Gunnar's family owns most of West Gorge, but no one owns his heart. All he can see when he picks Kat up is a too-tight dress, and a blinking sign above her head that reads "not the mother of my children."Their blind date is a disaster, and both are happy when it's cut short. Then a quick spreading virus forces Kat to lock down the hospital--with Gunnar inside. He hates being stuck anywhere, with anyone. But Dr. Kat is the new sheriff in town, and she won't let him bend the rules in her hospital.Forced to work together, anger turns to admiration—which turns to romance. But can it last when the quarantine is over?

Funny and heartwarming, whether you're looking for an enemies to lovers small town romance, or your next sweet romcom.

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