Her Hidden Valentine
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Her Hidden Valentine by Monique Moreau

A childhood of betrayal. A disappointment of unrequited love. Can prince charming protect her against club treachery? Hoodie Someone has been stealing from the Squad Bar and the brothers can't catch the wily culprit. Club brother Hoodie knows why. Because the thief is one of their own. Having survived a childhood of betrayal, Hoodie learned early on that the worst treacheries always come from within. But even he was shocked when he discovered it was her. Jazz—the sexy, vivacious biker chick who Hoodie secretly craved for years. A woman like Jazz would never be interested in a scarred beast like Hoodie. He’d chosen to stay in the shadows. Until now. Jazz After getting over the disappointment of unrequited love, Jazz focused her energy on paying her father's mounting medical bills. Stealing from the club nearly broke her heart, but she was the only thing standing between her father and death's doorstep. When Hoodie discovers Jazz is the thief, he makes a bold move to save her. Once Jazz realizes her prince charming was hiding in plain sight as the brooding, silent Hoodie, she’s crushed. A noble soul like his could never trust a woman who betrayed the club. As Valentine's Day approaches, will Cupid have an arrow left over in his satchel for a mismatched love like theirs? Click here for a Valentine’s Day novella like no other! Content Notes: Her Hidden Valentine can be read as a standalone novel. It's the seventh book in my Steamy Biker Romance series. Hoodie is an over-the-top, possessive anti-hero. Please do not read if such material offends.
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