Her Dirty Rockers
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Her Dirty Rockers by Mika Lane

Dirty Bandit. The band that set the rock world on fire. Tantalizing, charming, gifted, and total effing a*ssholes. Sure, a bad boy with a guitar makes a girl’s hearts flutter. But a trio of self-obsessed, headline-stealing rogues who can't stay out of the tabloids? The same ones who turned my life upside-down in high school? Yeah, no. Yet, when their reputation is headed for the sh*tter, guess who they dial up? Me. With a record deal that could shake the industry and a world tour on the line, I'm the wildcard they need to stay in the game. I’m thrust into a world of roaring crowds, backstage drama, and sleepless nights. The paycheck? It's as big and irresistible as their smoldering gazes. Enough to endure the dumpster fire that is their world, if only for a few weeks. It’s a deal with the devil, but I’ll clean up their mess and retreat to my calm, predictable life. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. The Men at Work Collection. Read in any order. Just choose your favorite working man! Her Dirty Rockers Her Dirty Teachers Her Dirty Doctors Her Dirty Bodyguards Her Dirty Bartenders Her Dirty Ranchers Her Dirty Mafia Her Dirty Mountain Men Her Dirty Soldiers Her Dirty Builders Her Dirty CEOs Her Dirty Jocks Her Dirty Archeologists Her Dirty Mechanics Her Dirty Detectives This hot, over-the-top enemies to lovers romance includes sexy working men with a penchant for pursuing and protecting the women who give them a run for their money. If you love outrageously naughty stories as a way to indulge your not-so-secret bad girl side, this is the book for you.
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