Her Boss until Christmas
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Her Boss until Christmas by Eve Pendle

She can't stand him, but his offer is too tempting Gifted a scrap of land by a mysterious donor, Iris thinks she's lucked out with her new life in the village of Wildbrook. Until she meets her neighbor. He’s obnoxious, gorgeous, unavoidable, and worse still, he's carelessly endangering wildlife. But when she confronts him, he offers her a job… with a catch. He's a cynical billionaire with too many secrets Bennett Gastrell is hiding half his life from his friends, and half from the woman he's loved for years. Iris loathes him, or at least who she thinks he is, so when she storms into his house, furious about badgers (of all things), he grabs his chance. If within two months she can convince him of her conservation plans, he’ll pay her a massive salary and leave her to run his estate. If she can't, she'll spend one night in his bed. He just hopes she'll never find out all the lies he's told to keep her safe... A scorching hot British enemies to lovers romcom, with hilarious banter, a sexy bet, small town vibes, grumpy/sunshine humor, hurt/comfort, and Happily Ever After.
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