Heaven Sent (Small Town Swains)
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From a USA Today Bestselling Author, Heaven Sent is an RT Reviewer's Choice Award, First Historical Romance Winner.

Hannah Bunch, the preacher's spinster daughter, wants to help heaven along by hatching a plan to bring a shy suitor up to the point of a proposal. The Bible had Ruth meeting Boaz on the threshing field. If that worked for Ruth, couldn't it work for Hannah? It did. It all went perfectly, except the wrong man got snared.

Henry Lee Watson likes his life—without a wife. He makes the finest corn liquor in the territory. A good business on Saturday night, does not always make a good marriage to a Sunday morning kind of woman. But it's a shotgun wedding and he's thinking that the starchy preacher's daughter is maybe she's not so starchy after all.

Pamela Morsi writes with great tenderness and insight. — Luanne Rice, NYTimes Bestselling Author

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Please note: This is NOT a Christian Romance.

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