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Heartstrings by Ivy Beck

Spilling champagne down the front of the goddess in gold’s gorgeous gown wasn’t exactly how Sean McAllister planned this meet-cute in his mind. Lanie Howard, a fashion industry grunt with aspirations of designing her own line, finds her path to that career goal diverted the moment she quite literally bumps into the man who could very easily distract her from the only dream she’s ever had. His intense green eyes lock her into a trance she has a hard time breaking free from. Desperate not to follow in her mother’s footsteps by letting a man divert her from her career path, Lanie puts up walls to keep him from getting too close. But eventually, his quick wit, funny factoids and dazzling grin break through those barriers and capture her heart. Damning him for bumping into her, for spilling his champagne, for having the most beautiful eyes and gorgeous hands, she then damned herself for noticing. Sean McAllister is a newsman and only at the fashion event because of the story, but he never thought he’d write himself into this one. He falls hard and fast for the intriguing goddess in gold, and knows he desperately wants to see her again. He stumbles into her life but finds that a life with this sassy, fascinating, talented woman is the very place he wants to be. Sean knows Lanie doesn’t trust the love that he is offering, but he doesn’t know why. Can Sean convince her that their love is worth fighting for? “Remember my reason for moving to New York? Well, he just walked right through that door.” After Lanie learns that she had indeed followed in her mother’s footsteps, she flees to New York City from Boston after a bitter end to the sweetest relationship she’s ever had. She is offered a second chance when fate conveniently puts them back in each other’s lives. Sean thought he was leaving behind those bittersweet Lanie memories when he makes the move to New York City. But now that Lanie’s back in his life, he plans to woo her and get her to trust him with the truth behind why she left him with only a Dear John letter. Will Lanie use this second chance to correct her mistakes and accept Sean’s love with all her heart, in turn sharing hers with him? Or will she stick strictly to her career goals and shut Sean out of her life forever?
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