Heart of Steel
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Heart of Steel by Cathleen Cole

They’re from two different worlds…or so they thought… Remi’s had all she can take. Losing her dad nearly destroyed her, but she doesn’t have time to fall apart. She needs to run his business and finish college. Romance is nowhere on her agenda. And she especially doesn’t have time for the sexy biker who does bad, bad things to her concentration… Steel wasn’t looking for love, either—until he saw Remi. He knew she was his at a glance. Now all he has to do is convince her of that. Easy, right? If only… But when it turns out that Remi’s world overlaps with his more than he ever knew, he’ll need to figure out just how far he’s willing to go to keep her safe…and she’ll need to decide if the cost of a happily ever after with Steel is more than she’s able to pay. Heart of Steel, book one of The Vikings MC Series, is a dark, steamy, angsty, biker romantic suspense read full of action, adventure, and sexy times. Download today and get ready to fall for some hot anti-heroes. *** Be Forewarned: These books contain violence and descriptions of illicit activities. If you enjoy sexy anti-heroes, fast-paced and action-packed storylines, and steamy love scenes, then these are the books for you. There are guaranteed HEAs or HFN for each couple at the end of each book, but the underlying storyline does continue from book to book and they end in cliffhangers.
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