He Has Charm
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He Has Charm by Stephanie Queen


If I'd known there was a camera running, I swear I would have kept my clothes on.
But how was I supposed to know? I was blindfolded...

Long story short, my life of bachelorhood fun, otherwise known as debauchery, unchecked except by hockey--though maybe playing in the NHL actually enhanced 
the-more-women-the-merrier lifestyle--whatever, said lifestyle came to a sudden halt when the unplanned video went viral, spreading the exploits of my blindfolded birthday adventure far and wide. Now I'm known better as the porn star of the NHL than one of its leading scorers.

Traded and sentenced to spending the remainder of the season being watch-dogged by one of the most serious jailers--I mean agents--I've ever met, Harper the jailer tells me I need to pretend I'm a monk.
Too bad she also happens to be temptation in a pin-striped suit sent to test my resolve with her sweet buns.
But it's only for four months, so I can deal with it, right? Concentrate on hockey and winning and ignore 
sugar buns.
Easy, right?

Problem is there's a lot more to Harper than sugar and buns...

Agents and hockey players do not mix--I mean romantically speaking. Especially when the hockey player in question is the notorious hunk-turned accidental porn star, so hot I need an ice bath every time I think of his x-rated video.
Besides, I have an ironclad rule. More importantly, the agency I work for has an iron-clad rule and I know there will be dire consequences if I break it.
The rule? No dating the clients. No fooling around, not even flirting will be tolerated.

"No relationship with the clients that isn't a professional one," says my boss. "And Harper, if there is any hanky-panky, it's a fireable offense."
My boss is an ex-player—hockey that is—and the best in the sports agent business. If he fires me, I'm done. I may as well hang up my 
sign-on-the-dotted-line pen and get a job at a shoe store...
But it's only for four months. I only need to resist the hockey hunk's charm until the end of the season to keep my job and get a big bonus.
Easy, right?

Problem is there's a lot more to Maddox than sexy charm...

He Has Charm is a full length New Adult hockey romance set in the world of the Boston Brawlers hockey team. You'll see players from other stories drop in for fun, but this book can be read as a stand-alone. If you love hot hockey players with massive charm and a sense of humor, forbidden romance with a slow sizzling burn and all the feels right up to the satisfying happy ending, you'll love this story! (Contains sex and language for a mature audience.)

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