He Found Her
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He Found Her by Emily R Bellas


How far would you run for the one you love?

Evangelina Thomas has spent eight years running from the one person she had trusted the most—the same person that made her life a living nightmare. She settles down in Oregon and, with the help of her new job, trustworthy friends, and devastatingly handsome next-door neighbor, Lena feels she and her daughter can finally find some safety, peace of mind, and a sense of real home for the first time. That is until…he finds her.

This duel perspective novel, split between the past and the present, takes you on a journey of love, loss and the all-consuming fear of the unknown.

⚠️ Sensitivity Note to Readers (do not read if you want to avoid spoilers):
Readers please be advised that many adult themes are described throughout the novel including mention of suicide, relationship abuse and some physical abuse. It is recommended for ages 18+

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