Hard Night Lover: A paranormal romance
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EVER FALLEN IN LOVE (With Someone You Shouldn't have Fallen In Love With, more so a vampire)? Mosley ran his hand softly along Tim's side, skirting the wounds. Tim's nipples sprang instantly hard; Mosley didn't notice, engrossed in the feel of the smooth cool skin, the hard muscle underneath, his touch turning from medical exploration to sensual pleasure without noticing until Tim let out a sigh and Mosley sprang back as if burned. Tim grinned at him. "It's okay, Mos. I do guys as well. Or at least, I used to." "Guy? Any guys?" "No. Only ones I'm attracted to." He leant forward. "Ones I'm charmed by, fascinated by, intrigued by." "Me?" Mosley squeaked. He had Mosley's attention, and Mosley could see from the black cloth of Tim's jeans thrusting up, that he had Tim's.
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