Hard Hand
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Hard Hand by Sierra Cartwright

The uncompromising protector billionaire demands she bare all of her secrets to him. After too many years of uncovering deception, uber-rich security expert and former military operative Cole Stewart demands one thing from women: complete honesty. Avery Fisher has wanted Cole from afar, but it’s only when she’s masked for a decadent Sin City ball that she has the courage to give herself completely to a man as sinfully dangerous and Dominant as Cole. Despite her clever disguise, the moment Cole touches her, he knows he’s holding the sweetly sexy Avery in his arms. And he’s determined to strip her of everything—her identity, her secrets, her heart, and her craving for his dominance. Once he does, will she still be his come morning?
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““There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it. It is like falling in love.”” ― Christopher Morley, Pipefuls

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