Happiness in a Hoax
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Happiness in a Hoax by Claire Cain


One thing being captured and held by terrorists does for a man? It makes him think. Especially about the past.

Five years ago, I married a woman to help her out of a desperate situation. But we’ve hardly seen each other since. And if that doesn’t change soon, my command team is going to get suspicious of our arrangement.

When the unit commander sends us on a trip to a luxury Austrian resort, it’s hard to put up a fight. What’s harder? Resisting the woman who is my wife in name only, especially when there’s only one room, and one bed.

Did I mention she’s a walking fantasy and the kind of person I’d marry for real?

Finding Happiness in a Hoax is book two in the OCONUS Bonus series, but can be read as a standalone. It’s a dual point of view romance told in first person that will give you all the sizzle and heat but keep it sweet with doors closed.

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