Grumpy Firefighter
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Grumpy Firefighter by Ginger Hudson

Violet Clarke is ready to take over the world, one strawberry at a time, after she inherits her grandfather's old farm. That's the plan, at least... But when firefighter, William Baxter, shows up for a routine safety inspection, he informs her in no uncertain terms that her raspberry-themed world takeover is shut down until she fixes the berry farm's storage shed. Yes, she understands it's a fire disaster waiting to happen. No, she doesn't have any money for repairs, Will. So when the rough and rugged fireman returns, offering her his grumpiest help to restore the shed, well... She can't exactly turn him down, can she? Plus, maybe some sunshine and strawberries will flush the grump out of him. At no point in time did Violet intend on falling for the grumpy-hot firefighter with a tragic past, but the longer they work together, they more she realizes there's so much more to William than she first thought. Now if only she could convince him that it's perfectly safe to let the sparks of passion ignite something in his hardened, locked-up heart...
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