Grumpy Billionaire Mountain Man
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STUCK FOR FIVE DAYS IN A MANSION OF THE BILLIONAIRE I HATE. I'm about to make partner at my law firm. I just have one task ahead of me. Convince a recluse billionaire to sell his land. Should be simple, right? No. Not when that billionaire is Adrian 'Heartbreaker' Parker. The cold-hearted player who seduced me out my panties five years ago then shattered my heart into pieces. My hate for him is too strong to ever forgive him. But it doesn’t help that he’s even more gorgeous now. Bigger, darker, his thick, dark hair hanging over his shoulders. Life of a mountain man looks so good on him. Still, I won’t let his sexiness affect my job, my focus, me making partner. Even after we’re forced to spend five days together after our nasty, butt-heading spat in court. But then Adrian starts showing his soft side. And when he touches me... God, I forget everything and lose myself in that moment, basking in our reconnection, falling deeper into him. Now our five days are up, and reality beckons; do I keep pushing the lawsuit, win the case against him and get the partnership I deserve? Or should I give it all up for the grump who could shatter my heart again?
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