Grin and Bear It
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Grin and Bear It by Sam Hall

THIS BOOK IS A STANDALONE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE READ OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES. These guys are smoking hot—and my students’ uncles—and I swear I didn’t mean to drunk dial them... My life is a mess and so is my house, but I’m a good teacher, right? So why are some of my best students going off the rails. I meant to ring their uncles to let them know what was going on. But not like this. I drunkenly dump out all of my problems down the phone line, thinking it was my bestie on the other end. But it was them. And now they want to fix everything, including me. I’m terrified to let them in, wanting to claw back some kind of professional distance... but these guys? They think I’m their fated mate and they’ll do anything to make me happy. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long to realize they've got a big, fat, hairy secret--one that could make an even bigger mess of my life. This book is a standalone. HEA guaranteed.
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