Griffin Undone
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Griffin Undone by Ella Sheridan

Free with your Audible trial Paperback $16.99 1 New from $16.99 She’s the perfect prey. The perfect instrument for my revenge. And the only crack in my centuries-old armor. Arik For nine hundred years I have roamed the earth, a griffin shifter without a clan, an Archai warrior unable to fight the one enemy that matters: my parents’ killer. The only thing I care about? Vengeance. And I’m about to start a war to get it. Nothing will stand in my way—except a red-haired female whose power could change everything. She’s the weapon I need to devastate the enemy, but in order to use her, I have to keep her alive, on my side… And away from my heart. Kat All my life, I've never really belonged. Adrift, with nothing to tether me in place. Until one night at work when I lock gazes with a pair of smoldering silver eyes that steal my breath, and it feels like finally being seen for the first time. But in the next second he's gone. That same night the silver-eyed man saves me when a monster attacks, but not before the monster’s bite unleashes a deadly power I never knew crouched deep within me. Now I’m no longer human—and no longer safe. Except with Arik. He’ll teach me control, train me to fight. But his secrets could kill me as easily as the power I struggle to wield. In the end, I’m forced to choose: fight in a war I don’t understand, or escape the male who wants to use me. War might take my body, but even if we win, Arik could tear apart my soul. This epic new paranormal romance series features a shifter species of mythological creatures, the basis for all human myth—and they bite.
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