Good To Be Home
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Good To Be Home by Heather Harlow

Her plans are going up in smoke - literally - almost as soon as she gets there. Sarah Hardwood is out of luck and out of money, when she receives an inexplicable inheritance from an uncle she hasn't seen for decades. Too good to be true? Probably. Romance and adventure have been off the table for so long, she's not expecting anything from her return to the town she left behind more than thirty years ago. The most she can hope for is to get back to her old life, a little better off than she was before. But a handsome firefighter, old friends, and the quirky inhabitants of Canada's Star's Hollow, turn the tables on Sarah and her all-business plans. Settle in for a heartwarming, cozy, small-town series with a touch of clean romance. Cedar Creek's eccentric, kind-hearted residents will make you laugh, cry, and maybe... decide to stay?
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