Going All Inn: An Enemy to Lovers Steamy Romance (Faire Island Bride Series Book 1)
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They couldn’t be more different. But they’re about to give this fading small-town a big dose of passion.

Kimberly Westmoreland is desperate to prove herself. Almost thirty and single, winning a too-good-to-be-true island inn seemed like a golden opportunity to show her billionaire family she’s got what it takes. But she discovers the community’s plans aren’t all above board, the property is totally run down, and the handsome guy helping her fix it up is as rude as they come.

Marriage didn’t work for Bode Murphy. So he’s having nothing to do with the locals’ hare-brained scheme to attract beautiful women in the hope they’ll become brides. Yet he’s struggling to resist the gorgeous smile and plucky spirit of the self-assured city girl lured by the questionable contest.

As Kimberly works hard to get the beachside inn up to code and rescue the town from itself, she’s unable to deny the blazing chemistry she feels with the sworn bachelor. And just as Bode is ready to throw everything into a new relationship, painful memories make him question his own heart.

Will these oh-so-opposites find a way to satisfy their perfect attraction?

Going All Inn is the first book in the steamy Faire Island Brides contemporary romance series. If you like determined heroines, lone-wolf men, and long hot-blooded nights, then you’ll love Lizabeth Scott’s seaside story.

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Faire Island Brides Series
Going All Inn
Love Over Easy
Grounds for Love
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