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Ginger by Kris Kassady

Ginger’s front is as a concierge at an upscale condo. Her side business is a very private escort service. Zach owns a penthouse in Ginger’s condo project and is using a competitor for his Tuesday night date. And Ginger wants that business. Ginger’s bold bid for Zach’s business explodes into flames between the two, but is that sustainable? Ginger’s favorite activity is singing in the church choir, and her look is halfway between kindergarten teacher and reference librarian. Little does the world know that her smoking hot side business is as a high end escort. Zach also has a very private history and lives under the radar in his magnificent secluded penthouse condo. When Ginger makes a bold and dangerous bid for his Tuesday night date, he’s quickly enamored and wants an exclusive on Ginger. Ginger wins the battle for Zach’s Tuesday night business and the sex is smoking hot. But can Zach handle Ginger seeing other clients? Can Ginger manage the feelings she’s developing for Zach while being with other guys? Can Zach and Ginger forge a meaningful relationship, or are they just another hot fling? If you like steamy bad girl romance, along with plenty of heat and a guaranteed HEA, you’ll love Ginger. This Kris Kassady novella is perfect for a one sitting read on your favorite couch. Readers love Ginger by Kris Kassady "Their romance is tastefully described and is fascinating. Well worth 5 stars." "Excellent writing and an original storyline make this a must-read short story." "The characters were perfect." "Kris has a way of writing her books and making the women classy despite what they're doing."
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