From the Start
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From the Start by Katie Duggan

How long can you go learning about your body and its wants while ignoring your heart? And how do you ignore your heart while learning about your body? Nic Quinn is tired. Tired of her family, tired of masking, and tired of Josh Henry. After successfully avoiding her childhood enemy for a decade, of course she runs into him not once, but twice when she’s at her worst. The bigger surprise is that she wants to continue seeing him. After her own less than satisfying experiences and learning of Josh’s prowess in the bedroom, Nic realizes he can help her. Just lessons between two enemies, no risk of pesky emotions getting in the way. Josh Henry knows that nothing lasts, and lives his life as such. But when Nic Quinn shows up on his doorstep asking him for help, Josh agrees—despite everything he’s forced himself to believe about intimacy and relationships. The longer the lessons continue, the more Nic and Josh find themselves unwilling to admit that they’re enjoying much more than just the physical aspect of their arrangement. The hardest thing to learn, it turns out, is that your enemy can love you exactly as you are.

Famous Book Quotes

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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