Frayed: Trent & Daniella (Savage Trust Book 1)
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Daniella Marquardt has one stop to make before she can flee the state with her newborn niece—a baby with a price tag on her life and no one to protect her. Along with money and hope, time is something Daniella doesn’t have a lot of. Still, she needs to find the last man to see her sister alive. To thank him.

Trent Kane doesn’t know what to make of the woman standing in his office preparing to go face certain death armed only with a plan that has no chance in hell of working. When he learns her connection to the infant he recently saved, the solution is simple; she’s getting his help, whether she wants it or not.

As far as Daniella’s concerned, trusting this bossy, hardened, brutally protective stranger is never going to happen. He may be the big, bad Chief Operating Officer of a private military firm with unlimited resources, but he’s also the coldest—albeit, intensely compelling—man she’s ever met.

The way Trent sees it, this woman effectively turning his life upside down is a risk to herself, and him as well. Despite everything, she still believes in love, which tells him she has no place in his world. Precisely why he needs to ignore their dangerous chemistry and quit being so damn attracted to her.

But, as hell begins to rain down all around them, one thing becomes evident very quickly.

They’re both going to fail at their well-laid plans.

Book 1: Frayed (Trent & Daniella)
Book 2: Wrecked (Luke & Marie)
Book 3: Scarred (Mikhael & Alina)

Previously published as Kane (c) 2016, revised throughout with newly added content, and a different extended ending.

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