Forged by Fate (Fate of the Gods Book 1)
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The Perfect Myth Mash-Up. --Author Wendy Sparrow

After Adam fell, God made Eve to protect the world.

From the Garden of Eden to the present day, Eve, Elohim's daughter, has found more than one great love across her many lives. Her calling: to be an example of love to those around her, in order to counter the influence of her brother Adam, and his conceit, greed, and pride. When Adam arrives in Eve's present, he is desperate to claim the power of a godchild only she can give him. But the Archangel Michael has sworn it will mean not only Eve’s death, but the murder of her entire family, her House of Lions, the only people she trusts with the truth of her life.

Thor, God of thunder, has spent millennia in uneasy alliance with other gods and immortals, all vying for the devotion of humanity to keep themselves alive. But if Adam and Eve have a child, the True God will rise, and all other gods will be cast back out into the void to die.

Drawn to Eve’s love but forbidden to reveal himself as a god, one thing has become clear to Thor: as great a threat as her child might be, humanity cannot survive without her. And after one too-short lifetime as her husband, nearly three thousand years ago, he won't allow either the angels or the gods to harm her, even if it means betraying his own kind.

Fans of the mythic world-building and romance of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart alongside the drama of timeslip romance will want to grab this series!
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