Forever, Mia
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Forever, Mia by Rachel Jordan

Life. Seems like it never gets things right. At 18, you meet the most passionate, most fascinating, most beautiful man in the world. And he wants you. You fall in love. He leaves. Your heart is broken. It takes years to repair it. You move on. As soon as you’re finally able to breath and live life to the fullest again, that irreplaceable love comes back. Bringing memories of heartache, raw emotion, and unyielding love with him. On your wedding day of all days. Fate and its cruelties. Almost nine years ago, Christian James was an in-demand star, wanted by millions of women all over the world. But only one woman caught his attention and held it. Only one stole his heart: Mia Valentina. But he was never able to be the man she needed; he was never able to return the love she gave so freely to him. And he couldn’t explain to her why that was. Or why he had to leave her. 2,555 days. Never a call. A letter. Nothing. No explanation. Even with all their drama, the last thing Mia ever thought was that Christian would desert her. So, what happened? Why did he leave? And why was he back today, of all days? On her wedding day? To his former best friend and band mate, Gavin Austin. Gavin was the one who picked up the broken pieces; freed Mia to love again. When Christian left, Gavin loved her back to life and in spite of her love for Christian, she found herself drawn to him. Now, she’s his. Gavin won Mia fair and square and he doesn’t feel bad about actively pursuing her, falling in love with her, marrying her, or spending the rest of his life with her. He and Christian were friends but that’s all in the past. And that’s where he intends to keep it. All Mia wants to do is to marry Gavin, be happy, and go on with her life. But the reappearance of the man who owns her, heart, mind, body and soul, is making that more than difficult. Christian is back, he wants what’s his, and he doesn’t care who he has to destroy or kill to have her. Now that he’s back… Mia finds herself torn between what her heart wants… and who her head knows is the better choice. The Forever Series is a three-part series that highlights the love triangle involving two best friends and the beautiful, long-suffering woman they both love, who’s unwillingly caught in the middle. This is not a stand-alone novel and it is suggested by the author that all three books are read in sequence to better understand the full journey of Mia, Christian, and Gavin. Part Two in the series, Forever, Christian the prequel, will be released in late 2023.
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