Foretold: A St. Bastian Institute Novel
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It was foretold that you would be born for greatness, but now you belong to me. Darya Cristescu has no idea that a demonic presence has bestowed her with his mark. She’s too busy trying to scrape by at St. Bastian’s Institute for Magic and the Supernatural. When her teacher is murdered, Darya must turn to the most talented warlock at school to help her find the killer. She’s spent years secretly crushing on Peter Girard, but the bad blood between their families makes asking for his help complicated. Teaming up with Peter results in an unintended consequence: telepathy. With her crush’s voice in her head, it’s difficult to focus on discovering who killed her teacher, but the more she learns, the more she realises that the demon who marked her might be the very same murderer she seeks. What does he want with her? And more importantly, what exactly does it mean to possess his mark? As she and Peter try to discover who the demon is, their unexpected alliance brings about feelings neither of them could’ve anticipated. Foretold is book #1 in the Blood Prophecy Series.
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