Forbidden Lies
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Forbidden Lies by Amber Nicole

What makes something forbidden? Could it be that society won’t agree with our choices? Or maybe people will judge you, thinking it’s wrong? Whatever it is doesn’t matter to me. My life ended the moment I landed at the bottom of that cliff. My future and past erased and changed into something… new, infinitely better and exciting. There’s just one problem… I have amnesia, and only I hold the answers to what happened the night my best friend died. But they're locked inside my head as people fight to get to them, using any means necessary. My life becomes torturous, filled with heartbreak and pain, bringing me even more questions. Will the truth ever be revealed? 18+ This is a dark high school bully romance with many triggers. This is the new revamped, and re-edited, whychoose version of my book Fallen Memories. Full of new content, povs and scenes as well as spice.
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