Fool Me Once
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Fool Me Once by Margaret Watson



So…your husband wants you dead? What do you do now?

In this latest, devilishly clever Black Hawk Security thriller, Alex, a successful lawyer with a heart of gold, no sooner swears to her best friend she’s going to divorce her sleazeball husband than she arrives home to overhear him hiring a hitman.

Not only that, he’ll pay a grossly obscene amount of money to have her offed. The phone call tells the whole story-- he’s been stealing and laundering Russian mob cash and now 
he needs her life insurance payout. Bad.

Thus begins a steamy spy mystery romance with
 so many twists and turns you’ll get whiplash. First off, the shady--yet oddly polite--hitman may have more layers than you’d think--in fact, it’s not clear who he’s working for, or if he’s a hitman at all.

Right now he’s in her hotel room telling her lies. Or maybe he’s who he says he is. And it’s snowing harder every second. 
She can think of no less enticing prospect than being snowed in with a hitman. Yet, she can’t help noticing his dark hair and light blue eyes...

But no time for that now. 
Either he’s going to kill her, or they’ve both got an angry husband on their tails. Not to mention a pack of Russian mobsters out for blood.

Fans of Rachel Griffin, Toni Anderson, and Linda Howard should sit up and take note--this slow burn romance promises plenty of seduction intertwined with an ample amount of spy drama. 
Any avid lover of old spy movies like Casablanca and Charade will find much to love in the heated romance coupled with a nerve-wrackingly killer plot.

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