Five Sunsets (Sun, Moon & Stars Book 1)
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"I fell in love with this book from the first chapter." - Rebecca, Goodreads Review
"I am completely blown away. This story gave me every single emotion in a completely amazing way. This is a reverse age gap story and I have rarely read that but this is probably one of the very best ever." - Brooke, Goodreads Review
"A whirlwind 5 day romance turns into healing, growing, and enduring love. Sound good to you? Then order this book immediately." - Marianne, Goodreads Review

Newly divorced and jobless, Jenna Forester has come to the luxury resort her brother manages on the Greek island of Crete to lick her wounds. Out here she can forget how much she misses her work as a sex and relationships columnist. Out here she can forget how much she misses the good sex that was lacking in her marriage for so long. Out here she can try decide what she's going to do for work now she's so poorly qualified to do the job she loves.

There's sunshine, there's her stack of erotic romance novels, and there's... Irishman Aiden "Marty" O'Martin, a man thirteen years her junior who could potentially solve one of her problems; the absence of back-breaking, bone-shaking, delicious sex. He is the ultimate holiday fling and she's not at all mad about it.

But trainee chef and college dropout Marty is not looking for sex. In fact, he's deliberately trying to avoid it after the year he's had.

Marty's also trying to get his life back on track. He still doesn't know how he'll get over what happened, but a free holiday may help. Even if it means waking up at the arse-crack of dawn everyday so his father can drag him around Crete on a racing bike. Even if it means his Ma is there – always there! – wanting to put sun cream on his back and a self-help book in his hands. Even if it means risking Carpal tunnel from holding his sister's phone as she records hours of social media content for her hundreds of thousands of followers.

However, when Marty sees Jenna's freckled skin glow in the sunset, everything changes. He feels something and it's not just acid reflux from one too many sugary mocktails. It's a spark, it's curiosity, it's hope.

But they only have five sunsets together. How are they going to make them count?
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