First Glance
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First Glance by Shayla Black


There’s nothing more exciting than a first kiss.
There’s nothing more heart-pounding than a forbidden touch.
But happily ever after for any true love starts with that one…

First Glance
Enjoy three of Shayla Black’s thrilling series starters full of angst, steam, and suspense, designed to make you breathless, send your heart pounding, and leave you sighing with satisfaction.

Three epic series starters in one volume!

Wicked Lovers World
Good girl preacher’s daughter Brea Bell begs former military bad-boy sniper Pierce “One-Mile” Walker to save her best friend’s life. But his assistance comes at the price of her innocence, runs headlong into his obsession, and crosses the line into a passion so fiery she’ll never be free again.

Forbidden Confessions: Protectors series
When a killer fires shots at Sophie Larsen, the pop star’s temporary bodyguard, Rand Garrison, is the only one who stands between her and death. But what danger awaits when she surrenders herself to a man she barely knows?

Reed Family Reckoning series
Ruthless real-estate mogul Maxon Reed wants revenge against his biggest rival—his brother. He hires Keeley Kent, the perfect lure, to take his enemy down. But what happens when he falls for her himself?

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